宝石总动员是款休闲网页游戏。玩家不需安装,只需注册便可即刻开始。宝石总动员与别的宝石游戏有很多不同的地方。在别的宝石游戏里你只能比分数高低可 是在我们的宝石总动员,你可以在游戏里挖矿赚钱,养宠物,刷塔,个人赛,组队赛, 家族赛, 特别活动,结婚,世界王还有很多很多的功能。游戏预计会在九月正式开放。希望大家多多捧场!请大家替我SHARE & LIKE !O(∩_∩)O谢谢

Bubble Diamond is casual tile-matching puzzle video game which do need any installation on your computer. What you have to do is just register, log in and play. Unlike other games, Bubble Diamond allows you to compete against other players and the winner is determined by the highest score. Experience points will be rewarded according to your ranking at the end of the game. Bubble Diamond also consists of fun activities such as mining, pet system, tower challenge, solo competition, team competition, guild competition, marriage system, battle with the world boss and more other features. Please support us and share with everyone! “LIKE” us on Facebook. Thank you.