《Mo Siang Online》A New Server is Approaching [Neptune]Arrive on 29th Nov.2011

「Classic Neptune」
Summon your former comrades in arms! Let’s fight shoulder to shoulder with each other one more time and recapture those lost senses of accomplishment from advancing in levels.

「Copious Gifts」
+9 equipments, abundant cash items and sealed chests will be sent to every character created in Neptune, and you can still get various practical runes, masks, and cash attire, all for a marvelous adventure for you in Neptune.

「Six Events」
Mo Siang Operating Team will bring you 6 events to celebrate the release of Neptune.
Deadline multiple experience, millions of Neptune gold and abundant cash items could be easily obtained by you through participating the following events.

How can such a classic new server be monopoly of yours only? Share it to your friends and let us rock our world in 「Neptune」! Are You Ready?

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