《MoSiang Online》Fourth reincarnation will be opened on November 1st 2011!

Break through the limit of reincarnation, the fourth reincarnation is going to be released!
All the characters in 《MoSiang Online》 can strength themselves through reincarnation system. The higher level with which players get reincarnation, the more extra [Rewarded status points] players will obtain. They will get the advantage of higher congenital status.

The fourth ultimate reincarnation will break through the limit of reincarnation!
Pursuing for the top in MoSiang world, have you dared to challenge the throne of king? Breaking through the ultimate reincarnation can help you realize this dream. After the fourth reincarnation, players will not only obtain permanent Emperor Mask, but also Advanced Combination Scroll, Battledome Cloak and Battledome Necklace. To accomplish this great experience, you have to break through ultimate reincarnation.

Your constant accompanying deserves the gifts!
In order to thanks for players’ continuous support, as long as you login in any server and reach to a certain online time and accumulated days during the event period, we will present you with abundant rewards for free. You will not only obtain each kind of Light Amulet, but also the most dazzling weapons, including Blood Fist, Harvest soul, Soul Breaker, Dragon slayer, Eagle Horn and Ghost Hunter. You can enjoy the MoSiang world with great joy!

What are you still waiting for? Call on your friends to play MoSiang Online together and enjoy the new experience of the fourth reincarnation!

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