CIB Net-Ultimate Martial Arts Experience

12th October 2010, open the door towards heavenly world of martial arts, Ancient China ambience, and the hidden dreams in your heart……

The key to the heavenly journey of great fiction!

Dragon of Heaven (DH Online), a brand new MMORPG based on the popular Chinese martial arts fiction written by Louis Cha. The stunning 3D graphics, unique game modes, and intriguing storylines have made this game become one of the most anticipated games in the fourth quarter of 2010! Now, Dragon of Heaven is opening the door towards ultimate martial arts experience by officially launching Close Beta on 12th October 2010!

Basic Intro: Dragon of Heaven (DH Online) is originally a popular swordsmen fiction featuring fascinating Chinese martial arts. The fiction is written by Louis Cha (also known as ‘Jin Yong’), who has high reputation among the Chinese readers around the world. Recently, becomes an award-winning online game in China.

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