EagleGame: Rappelz Player's Referral Program

October 13 – December 31, 2010

Earn Rappelz points and other in-game items!!!

Simply ask your friend(s) to play Rappelz- FIERCE SUMMONING ACTION.

Players who can refer 3 or more friends that reached at least level 50 and topped up at least once will receive one 30 Day Angel Wings

The winners will be verified and will be posted in our official forums during the weekly server maintenance.


As advised, if you refer friends to Rappelz, you will be rewarded with Rappelz Points!

Once a referred player registers for Rappelz, he will be counted in the 'No. of Registration by Referral'; If this player tops-up, you will be notified here as to how many Cash Points you are expected to receive for FREE!'

You can refer new players to Rappelz in two ways:

1.Your Personal Link

Login your account here:

For more information: