FREE to Play Fantasy-themed MMORPG “Omens”

FREE to Play Fantasy-themed MMORPG “Omens” launches Closed Beta Test this November, 2013
The Voomga platform’s latest release, “Omens”, is a browser based MMORPG developed for use on an exclusive game engine developed, in partnership, with international software giant Adobe. In this article we briefly look into some of the features players can expect to experience in this groundbreaking new model of browser based MMO.
“Omens” is a game set in the world of the ancient, the arcane, and the mysterious, where man, monster and gods walk the land, forging friendships and settling feuds. The game’s setting draws upon the rich culture of Eastern antiquity and gives it a modern polish. Players may explore the iconic settings of the mist shrouded mountain retreat, the grand and imposing city palace, or the somber temple.
Compete in legendary tournaments against the famous figure of the past. Learn of the glorious and often bloody mythology of the ancient East through special scenarios.

Choose Your Own Path
In “Omens”, following the main storyline is just one of many paths the player may take. The choice a player makes at each step of their journey decides the NPCs they will end up meeting, the stories they tell and the rewards they give.
The game’s backdrop provides players the chance to make their story unique. Set in a mystical, ancient period of Eastern history, a player must from the very beginning chose to align themselves with one of the three major houses struggling for dominance over a fractured kingdom.
Each story is different, but equal in its depth and breadth!

Countless Exciting Features
“Omens” has got challenging instances, scenarios and world bosses; an Arena system for player-versus-player combat; an extensive mount and pet system; gorgeous zone design; an immersive quest system; and many more features besides this. You can be assured that whether you’re into exploring, PvP, PvE, collecting, or you’re just a sucker for a good story, there’s something in “Omens” for you.

Ultimate Visual Effects
“Omens” has been coded with fantastic depth of field effects, not just allowing objects to be displayed from a three dimensional perspective, but also to allow full appreciation of the layered depth of the artwork present in the game. This, in combination with “Omens” real time simulation, smooth HD, and explosive visual effects, players will be able to enjoy an incredibly satisfying, immersive game experience.

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