HighStreet 5’s Explosive Wicked Bombs Version

A job bomb dropped in HighStreet 5! An ALL NEW Dance Mode, involving the juggling of Bombs, has been introduced in the latest Wicked Bombs patch and it’s caused more than a stir!

‘The Bomber’, the name of the new dance points to the key feature of the mode: players should try their very best to shove the exploding, wicked bombs landed on them to their opponents to save their own skin.

The ‘Bomber’ – the Explosive New Dance Mode
The Bomber Mode is meant for 2 competing teams (with 1, 2, 3 or 4 Players in each) trying to shove the Bomb(s) towards the opponent(s) to win the game. At present, it works with 4-key or 8-key control and yet to accommodate reverse-key control.

After you have clicked ‘Start’, the 1st Bomb will appear at dance Level 6, landing randomly on a player of either of the two teams; if teams of 3 or 4 are competing, there will be 2 Bombs, one landing on each team.

Each team has its own Bomb to handle! Certainly you can feel the heat by just reading this.

Now the trick is you MUST score ‘Perfect’ within 15 seconds after a Bomb has landed on you, and only when you score a ‘Perfect’ can you shove the Bomb to your opponent to prevent yourself from being blasted off.

If you are in a team of 3 or 4, additional help will be availble from your teammates: if 2 team members score ‘Perfect’ simultaneously, they effectively stop the Bomb from exploding and earn an additional 0.5% of dance Scores for the one in possession of the Bomb.

The repurcussion of not having the Bomb dismantled within the 15 seconds time limit is dire! Worse still, 5% of individual dance Scores will be deducted if the Bomb goes off.

Yet, to put the whole drama in a more positive light, not every player gets blasted off in such a spectacular fashion every day, so perhaps it is not that bad, after all.

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