Lost Realm New Server S2 Vertical Free Credits and VIP Point

Lost Realm is proud to announce the opening of new server S2 Vertical in this September.
With the opening of the new server, gamers are welcomed to start their adventure in this brand new world.

Besides, Lost Realm also prepared a series of in-game events this September; gamers who successfully upgrade their character to level 50 and above before 7th October 2013 are entitled for 100 VIP points; 100 credits and 20 tokens. With these bonus rewards you can strengthen your Minion easily.

Check out the event here:
“Level up and get free VIP Points and Credits
Time: 00:00 September 25th, 2013 to 23:59 October 7th 2013
Detail: During the event, those who have reached Level 50 will get:
VIP Points*100

Notice: Click Top-Up and choose Exchange to claim the rewards.”

Lost Realm is a browser based MMORPG which uses the latest 3D technology and truly achieves the dream – 3D on web.
In Lost Realm, you are the only survival after a blood combat, but lost all the powers. You need to regain your powers, enchant gears to conquer the lost realm.
Minions, mounts and formations will make the battle more different. PVP system, team combat, solo and team instances, guild war, costumes will also enrich the game content.

Lost Realm is waiting to be discovered!
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