MAT Valentine’s Day patch

Saint Valentine's Day, or more commonly know just as Valentine's Day is the day where people all over the world celebrate with their special someone. It's also the day of the year where restaurants and shops are decorated with hearts, everyone pays more for a normal dinner and flower shops get more orders than the rest of the year combined.

Some people love it, some people hate it, but everyone celebrates Valentine's day one way or another. Some spend the day with their special someone, while others might gather together to feel less lonely among the lovey dovey couples.

Here in MAT, we have some special updates just for this special occasion throughout the month of February.

We have items that could increase intimacy for couples, and items that could give others a boost if they decide to take the next step. We even have events that needs your creativity in showing how you loved your other half.

No matter if you're single and available or if you're in a relationship, we wish that you have a pleasant day.