Meetoto-Wanted: Meetoto Adventurous Bounty Hunt!!

Dear residents,

Event Date: 12th October 2010 – 16th October 2010 (Randomly appear once per day)
Event Time: 4pm - 8pm (Bandits and Pirates will randomly appear in Meetoto for 1 hour only in the designed time.)
Event Prize: Random items will given out once you found Meetoto Criminal.

*Ring the Bell* All Meetoo and Meetee, please pay attentions! A bunch of pirates and bandits has engaged into the Meetoto Wisdom Teamand stole all treasures that the travelers have been looking for in the adventurous journey to Treasure Isle.

Meetoto Wisdom Team is now seeking help via Meetoto Headquartersto analyze those vicious pirates and bandits. Report shows that, they are still wandering around the cities and towns of Meetoto.

Now we need all residents to help Meetoto Wisdom Team and Meetoto Headquarters to identify these dangerous bandits and pirates! Good residents shall be rewarded!
How To Participate
Player has to pay attention on the System Prompt Message, wander around in Meetoto and find the characters which found matching to the trait and hint in the message.

Example: Bandits and Pirates appear! Seek for the pirate who wears a white shirt, black pants, red shoes and brown hair and the bandit who wears a red shirt, white pants, black shoes, white hair and a tie. They are wandering in Meetoto, find them now!

Once you found the bandits or pirates, you must tell the bandits the keyword “Give me items!!” and the bandits or the pirates will trade an Item with you as an rewards.
Rules and Restrictions
- This event is open to all players who has become a Meebie.
- 1 character is only allowed to enter ONCE during the event.
- By participating in this, players agree to be bound by these rules and regulations as well as the decisions made by iG-Interactive and the panel of judges.
- iG-Interactive reserves the right to make any changes for this event without any prior notice.
- The organizers have the right to substitute prizes with equivalent value.
- Failure to listen to GM instruction in game will result in disqualification.
- Vulgarities will not be tolerated and will be banned for participating in the event.
- Players who use offensive, sexual, abusive representations etc will result in disqualification & disciplinary dealt according to our User Abuse Policy.
- GM's decision is final.
- The Bandits or pirates will block all message pm, friends request, and hiding their location during the event. Please use scene channel when you found them.
- Please take note that Bandits and Pirates will have a special title "Meetoto Criminal" below his or her name.
- Bandits and Pirates will NOT request any items, ID password or information from players.
Meetoto Management Team