myRosso: RAN Online New Patch - The Lost Island Coming Soon!

RAN Online New Patch - The Lost Island Coming Soon!

While Master T.K. had experimented with Large Hadron Collider (LHC), the Daramai detected strange signs in some parts of the other side of the world. Hence, the Daramai dispatched Paranobaian Special Unit (SPU) to the suspicious area to figure out what those signs are. However, the area had been pulled out as an island to the world by Master T.K.'s experiment, the Paranobaian SPU on the aircraft carriers was forced to land on the island in "the world", but there was no loss of the SPU at all because of their incomparable physical traits. The SPU lined up and started to reconnoiter the island.


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亂Online最新更新 - 《消失的神秘》島即將來臨!