New Game - Magic Campus


03 February 2012, 15.00pm.(CB)
10 Februaryr 2012, 15:00(OB)

Game Info:

GamePro (Magic Campus) is the first client-free and turn-based MMORPG web game. (Magic Campus) is famous for its cute campus style design and has been known as "Web Game version of Harry Potter"! In this fantasy world, you may find various cute elements such as the sky, cloud, mountain, lake, house, tree, bird and animal. It incorporates extensive pet system, dazzling special effect with excellent graphic, challenging quests, and friendly social community that connecting each other. Every player must put concerted efforts to face the challenge and win the final victory!

In addition(Magic Campus) has its own attractive charisma with casual gameplay, perfect sophisticated audio-visual effect, professional school of magic, special guild function, exciting pet cultivation, diverse weapon equipment, warm social community such as forum and many other features. Not forget to mention that although it has excellent graphic, but it able to run smoothly under low graphic configuration system.

The new version of (Magic Campus) “Tower of Dream” has featured new game systems and functions, which make the game even more interesting! These entire cute elements and unique game system in (Magic Campus) enable players from all level of ages can enjoy the fun of this fantasy web game.

Don’t waste your time! Take a tour to this fantasy world now!

Backgound Story:

Some of the Mysterious continent in the earth are happen the most serious disaster in the centuries, The Ominous disaster coming from the heaven, the devil suddenly appeared and killing the innocent residents in everywhere of the world........

At the same time, have a mysterious and beautiful princess in order to save this land together with the six elder who served as her guardians, her bought a magic stone name "Crystal dark" to fight the devil together with the resident.

The princess have been choose to sacrifice herself to use the special skill, pass her energy to those resident who have get the fragment of the stone, to help the other residents beat the devil's invasion.

Those resident that get the fragment of the stone has been organize a school name Pandi, TianQiong, LiaoYun, Lingwu, Liuhuo and TianShu in the continent and guard the continent.

After a many many years, people are forgotten the story of the year, until 10 year ago, Bessie who are name as "the holder of the better intelligent stone" have feel the greet disaster coming soon, an ominous shadow will be on the Earth again.

Why the peacefull continent will suddenly coming disaster again? The six school in DongXuan has inherited what mysterious kind of secret? The story which buried in behind the door of history, will be follow you with your first class in the ChuYun City to open the door again...

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