Rappelz Epic 7 Part 2 Obsession

Rappelz Epic 7 Part 2 Obsession
The Endless Addiction!

We challenge you to discover the REAL ADDICTION!

Haul your stamina and power up as you undergo various merciless tests. Get ready for a tougher Rappelz Epic 7: Obsession.

Experience the motion and action as we launch Rappelz newest patch.
What is to love about Rappelz Obsession?

And you thought the Merge was tough?  Rappelz Obsession will actually measure your skills as you battle through more challenging quests and dungeons. 

Relish in new features like the Boss Time Cards, Creature Farm, Decorative and Enhancing Features, the Expansion of Belt System, Hidden Dungeon Weapons, and the newest pets in the world of Rappelz.

These are the just few reasons to love Rappelz Epic 7: Obsession!

Unite with us and don’t dare miss this!

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