Run Up Malaysia presents 《Enigma Online》!

Run Up Malaysia proudly announced the official distribution rights of their latest MMORPG, Enigma Online. The game will be having a brand new server for it’s CBT in a near future that will be immediately followed by the game’s Open Beta Test (OBT).

The game uses an alternate reality of China’s Yuan Dynasty and the player takes on the role of a Male/Female Martial Artist who was transported from the modern age. Game pics and the game’s more intensive background story after the jump!

The story begins in the final few years of Yuan Dynasty when it had been taken over by a Mongolian Aristocrat. This resulted in a sad state of discontentment in the land. Slavery, extreme land taxation and no public improvement became the major problems during this era. Starvation are evident all over the land. People get killed out of violence.

In order to overturn the Yuan Dynasty, the five strongest clans in Martial Arts World joined forces: the Godwit Sword Clan, Striving Club, Holy Hall, Windy Ville and the Dragon Clan. These clans have different abilities but they all follow the leadership of the Master of Godwit Sword Clan, the one who wields the Godwit Sword. The overthrown the Knights of Yuan Dynasty and reclaimed the lands. However, the Anti-Yuan Liberation Army grew stronger and more disputes and misunderstand surfaced. It got worse when the master of Godwit Sword Clan gets murdered. The balance between the forces was broken. The Four Strongest clans mutually agreed to choose their new master of the martial arts world through a public tournament. Their goal is to own the Godwit Sword and lead the whole Martial Arts World.

Enigma Online’s story starts here. Players would role-play this young man who came from the modern world who believed to be the wielder of Godwit Sword found in-game that is said to signify the holder’s rights to rule the Martial Arts World, the untraceable man dressed in black, to bring back the balance between the four clans, and the one who merged the Martial Artists in order to rebel agains the Yuan Dynasty, the chaos from the conflict during the late Yuan dynasty, all clues that are too complicated…. The goal of the players is to become the Hero in that generation and bring back the peace and balance throughout the Martial Arts World.

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