《墨湘online》(新版本預告)火焰洞2層的暴君 - 赤龍


「“赤龍” 與 “赤龍的化身”」
最強BOSS – 赤龍,將會每天在不同的時段裏,出現在「火焰洞2層」,其超強的能力是將會讓各位武林人士無法單獨靠近,必須齊心協力,才能有取勝的機會,據說成功打敗赤龍的人,將會獲得傳說中的神器!
最強BOSS的化身 – 赤龍化身,將會每天在不同時段裏,出現在「萬裏長城」,雖然並沒有像赤龍本體那樣有著強大的力量,但身為最強BOSS化身的它也是不容輕視的!




《MoSiang online》The Furious Emperor at Huoyan 2F – Red Dragon

Red Dragon, the red color dragon, it has been regarded as emperor from the ancient times, it is also the symbol of sun.
In the Mosiang world, this dragon is extremely unusual, Red Dragon is actually the attackers’ leader, Red Dragon will lead his subordination three Attackers to invade Mosiang East. The appearance of Red Dragon will take away the throne of the previous strongest boss “The Great Minotaur”, becoming the strongest one in the Mosiang world. Of course he don’t need to do it himself, Red Dragon will appear at「Huoyan 2F」 occasionally, “enjoying” the flame in the cave.

「“Red Dragon” and “Reincarnation of Red Dragon”」
The strongest boss – Red Dragon, will appear at 「Huoyan 2F」 at different times every single day. It’s amazing ability makes nobody alone can get access to him, only players by working together can they have opportunity to win. It is said that the man who successfully defeats the Red Dragon shall get the legendary powerful weapon.
The strongest reincarnation of boss – Reincarnation of Red Dragon will appear at 「The Great Wall」at different time every single day, even though it doesn’t have the same power as the Red Dragon itself, as reincarnation of the strongest boss, it’s great power can’t be ignored.

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