RUNUP:- 《墨湘online》來自次元的邪惡族群 – “襲擊者”





《MoSiang Online》Evil ethnic - “Attacker”

A group of evil who exists in the dimensional world, and they’ve been coveting the rich East all the time.
The dimensional world that stops the furious attack invading is falling down. Whenever the power of guardian of dimensional world weakens, there will be evils invade East.
The well-known guardians were killed by unknown killers. And now only the one who called as the final protector of saint, is protecting the final result.
Before the new guardians appear to restart the dimensional world, we need to fight against the evils.
It just like the ferocious hot summer, it predicts that the attacker will invade East the first time
Now we need to protect ourselves under the attack of “Furious Attacker”, and we need to strengthen us for existence.

「Action of “Attacker”」
It has been said that there are three types of attackers who will invade Mosiang world, namely, Life Attacker, Ocean Attacker, Sun Attacker, they are very important to us regardless of which type, they are indispensable!
Different attackers have different ability and strength. You can get essence from them by defeating them. And the essence can be integrated with Purified Water, Life Water and Holy Spring Water which bought from the Black Lady, to become the new different level of crystal power. The lower level the crystal is, the stronger power it has, you will have opportunity to get the legendary weapon after use the crystal!

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