ShowTime Online Open-Beta on 11.11.11

SING.DANCE.TALK- Time to Show It All!
ShowTime Online Open-Beta on 11.11.11

During the ShowTime Closed-Beta, we have received a lot of good responses and feedbacks from the players. Gamers really enjoyed the game with the singing mode, keyboard mode, real-voice chatting, and the dress-up activity.

This November 11, 2011, get ready to hit the Center Stage!
Move like a real Jagger because it’s “Time to Show It All!”

We proudly introduce to you again the newest 3D social musical game filled with distinctive features such as fans, interaction, voice-dancing and guild-PK systems- ShowTime Online! This latest musical sensation allows you to sing, dance, and talk to thousand of players worldwide. ShowTime marks a new beginning of one-of-a-kind Karaoke Singing Game. The advantages of this game that will totally hook players are its combination of karaoke and dancing capabilities. Also, players may opt to use the keyboard function in singing their favorite songs.

Our successful CBT Phase take in some in-game events such as Fashionista, SuperStar Screeshot, Win Ipad2 event, ShowTime’s Babe and Hunk, Character Look-a-Like, and more. Not to mention the free DVD Installers and awesome in-game gift and treats given to our avid Showtimers. Can you imagine what else can we offer this OBT? Stick around because we’re gonna throw more interesting in-game and offline events just for you!

Notice that our latest win 2 VIP tickets to Jacky Cheung’s ½ Century Tour in Malaysia event, as simple as just invite Facebook friends to our ShowTime FB Fan Page, check it out on ShowTime fan page to see what is going on!

Watch out for the upcoming Open-Beta this November 11, 2011, SMS now to receive a free installer.

SMS: STSNameAddress, send it to 33112.

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唱歌。跳舞。谈天 - ShowTime让您体验最新的音乐感觉。

在ShowTime测试期间我们很满意得到了玩家们无数良好的回应。玩家们非常享受游戏里的歌唱模式、键盘模式、实音交谈及打扮自己角色等。 但现在我们得向前冲,将整个宇宙变成舞台。


我们再次给大家介绍这最新的3D社交音乐性网上游戏,拥有各种非凡功能包括粉丝、交友、声音舞蹈及公会PK系统等 – ShowTime Online! 新潮音乐感觉使您不断唱歌、跳舞、与世界各地的玩家谈话。同时ShowTime记下了新的类似K房歌唱游戏,优势在于融合歌唱及舞蹈,当然还有少不了的键盘唱歌。


近期我们将会送出2张张学友大马演唱会的VIP票券,只需要邀请朋友加入ShowTime Facebook粉丝俱乐部就有赢取的机会了,马上就到ShowTime粉丝俱乐部查看详情!


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