Super Dancer Online Extreme Expands The Song Range

Players can now sink in to more game play and groove to new moves as Super Dancer Online Extreme adds on 21 more new songs for the players to build into their repertoire this July 12, 2011. With the variety from English, Chinese, and even Spanish songs from various categories of pop and in-house, this means more challenges for the players of SDO-X!
Listed are the songs due to hit the crowds soon:
1) Wo Ai Ni
2) Love you
3) Disco
4) Shen Zhan Chi Bang
5) SolBi
6) Yao Zou Ma
7) Crazy Love
8) Mei Guan Xi
9) Moonlight Girl
10) Every Sweet Day
11) Ready to Love
12) Lady
13) Xiang Pi Jin
14) Happy Go
15) We Can Do It
16) Duan Nian
17) Asereje
18) Zen Me Ban
19) Brand New World
20) Tian Guo
21) Step by Step

Loosen up those fingers and be prepared for the much anticipated 21 new songs patch this July 12th, 2011!