Tamer Saga Open Beta Launched on Voomga Games Portal!

New 3D browser-based MMORPG open to all interested players, featuring an innovative mount system, cute characters, a user-friendly class system and turn-based battles
Game Publisher Voomga will now launch the Tamer Saga open beta to all interested players, following a popular closed beta period that saw over 3000 players enjoy the innovative mount-focused gameplay.
The first open beta server, named as Elf Sigil, opened at 2pm, March 4th.
Everybody is now welcome to join the adventures of Tamer Saga.

Unfolding across a beautifully crafted 3D world brimming with varied locations, Tamer Saga's browser-based gameplay is brought to life thanks to stunning dynamic real time shadows and weather effects, providing everything from glorious sunshine to chilly snowfall with real world accuracy.
Tamer Saga boasts an immersible turn-based battle system, allowing users to unleash a flurry of stunning skill effects as well as raise a variety of pets to deal extra damage and provide added protection in the heat of combat.

An innovative mount system is central to Tamer Saga's gameplay. There are hundreds of different to capture and raise, divided into three types: aqua, earth and air. Each pet has it's own personality, ranging from cute and cuddly to just downright arrogant. Players can ride every pet they capture, be it a Tyrannosaurus Rex or a fire-breathing Dragon. While idle, pets can be tamed to learn living skills, such as farming for resources and mining for hidden treasures.

Publisher Voomga are constantly adding new, rare pets to the game, providing a near endless hunt for players seeking to find the perfect collection to suit their character and play style.
With tons of NPC's, events and tournaments, players seeking a new MMORPG with cute characters, innovative gameplay and a laid back community should see what Tamer Saga has to offer. Interested players can sign up for the open beta and join the fun now!

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