Tank Town – It’s Your Turn to Drive!

The new multiplayer action game "Tank Town" starts first beta testing in 10th July 2013.

In Tank town players command one of 10 deadly tanks, each with different skills. Every tank features three powers and can be upgraded with parts from winning matches.

Tank Town Play modes:
Single + Multiplayer Instances: These themed levels keep the action coming with multiple stages and powerful bosses. From funky Caribbean pirates to hungry mummies, Tank Town gives players a unique feel with every level.
Tank Town Championships: Daily tournaments - each day a brave team of tank heroes will battle their way to the top of the rankings.
Battle Royal: 5 vs. 5 Tank battles where only the most skillful teams grab victory.
Tank Race: Here players collect points and take out their enemies within the time limit. It's a no rules, Tank free-for-all.
Tank Town is completely free to play and all tanks launched during the beta will be available for coins (free currency) as well as Gold Tank Coins. In this MMO, player skills and teamwork are the keys to victory.
Gamers can sign-up for an account of beta test and discover all the Tank Town adventures starting on 10th July 2013.
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