Unalis - to Beta Launch Kung Fu Saga on October 20th

October 20, 2010 – today announced the open beta of Kung Fu Saga, a browser-based, story-driven MMORPG that is free to play. Starting from October 20th, players can freely enjoy the thrilling, engaging world of Kung Fu Saga on, a game portal dedicated to free browser games including highly acclaimed titles such as Nindou and Heroes of Gaia. A promotional campaign is set to accompany the launch as well.

Developed by E-Shine Technology, Kung Fu Saga is a “Neo-Chivalric Fantasy” set in an ancient, distant realm, where demons and devils threaten to slowly engulf the world in limbo, and that feud along with vengeance between martial guilds could never seem to find an end. Burdened with the hope of becoming the salvation of humanity and beyond, the player will embark on a legendary quest which is destined to shape the future that may yet be.

Already a popular hit across Asia, Kung Fu Saga features an engaging storyline, intriguing dungeon adventures, a competitive Arena Ladder system, and a comfortable pace of gaming which both casual and expert players will find a good time with. in addition announced that a promotional campaign has been launched to celebrate the global release. Players who sign up for Kung Fu Saga on prior to November 22th will be eligible to enjoy a wide range of rewards, including Divine Blessing Card, Divine Descent Card, Demon Seal Sword, Epic Chest, and much more virtual surprises.

For more information on Kung Fu Saga, visit the official website at:


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