Witness the rise of the Lost Empire – Atlantis on 13 March

Witness the rise of Lost Empire – Atlantis in Omens! Be the legendary warrior of Atlantis in Omens newest server – “S10 Atlantis”!
Voomga, the leading global publisher of free-to-play webgame will be introducing a new server for its popular MMO - Omens on 13 March 2014, 4PM; coupled with celebratory events. Omens will now offer a brand new server called S10 Atlantis for players to challenge and explore.

With no downloads or additional software required, players can start their adventure by visiting and registering for a free account. New players are welcomed to join one of the established servers, or the newest world, "S10 Atlantis ".
Along with releasing a new server, Omens will be hosting a series of events for the players to enjoy list below:
● Spin your Reward Wheel [FREE]
● First Top-Up Giftpack – Support Omens and Get your Bonus
● Get VIP Privileges and Boost your Power

Besides, players from existing server are invited to take part in “Powerful Mount” event as well! Simply top-up during event period, you will be rewarded Golden tickets, Mount Orb Bundle which allowed you to redeem valuable items such as Element orb, Golden charm pack and more!

All events descriptions can be found here:

Game Introduction:

“Omens” is a game set in the world of the ancient, the arcane, and the mysterious, where man, monster and gods walk the land, forging friendships and settling feuds. The game’s setting draws upon the rich culture of Eastern antiquity and gives it a modern polish. Players may explore the iconic settings of the mist shrouded mountain retreat, the grand and imposing city palace, or the somber temple. Compete in legendary tournaments against the famous figure of the past. Learn of the glorious and often bloody mythology of the ancient East through special scenarios. And besides this, much and more, though we wouldn’t want to give it all away!